What We Do



What We Do
RSMG is a team of Creatives, Strategists, Marketers and Activators that works on behalf of an eclectic client set with unique goals. Your challenges are our challenges, ones we pride ourselves on conquering for your benefit. Whether you're concerned about your career trajectory or strive for stronger brand recognition, allow our team of professionals to help create, cultivate and activate your plan for lasting success.
Creatives Our ability to strategize, market and activate stems from the minds of RSMG's team of creatives. We realize that the goals of individuals are unique, and in turn, so are the pathways to achieving those goals. At RSMG, we welcome the challenges of your uniqueness and commit to you that we will seek the most effective route to reaching your desired destination.
Strategists Your brand requires both a plan and a team of professionals capable of executing it. RSMG is adept at strategizing around your goals. Strategy surrounding the promotion of your brand—public relations strategy, social media strategy and brand awareness opportunities—and strategy pertaining to your future—insurance strategy, investment guidance, contract and fee negotiation and endorsement strategy—are constantly at the forefront of our relationships with clients.
Marketers RSMG boasts a team of experienced marketers that has guided all brand types—startups in need of brand development,  Fortune 100  companies, burgeoning athletes and bona fide stars. Ranging from intimate, straightforward concepts to vast experiential marketing campaigns, we pride ourselves on our ability to enhance a brand's reputation regardless of scope.
Activators Return on investment, in the modern day, is driven by brand activation. Whether it be via live events or on social or digital media platforms, RSMG thrives on maximizing brand awareness through unique activation ideas and opportunities that align with the corporate strategies of our clients. The professional advice, services and assistance we provide allow you to take proper advantage of your brand's cultivated positioning.